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A microwave oven is a staple of modern kitchens and a Kenmore microwave oven is one of the most popular brands available today. The different ways you can have a microwave oven in your kitchen have evolved over the years to include countertop, over the stove and even multi purpose ovens that are convection and microwave all in one. With all the available options you have never had more choices when it comes to how you want your microwave than you have today.

Counter top:

The counter top style is probably the most recognized form of microwave oven in use today. Kenmore has many choices for the counter top and each one has it's own advantages. Whether you need something to simply reheat leftovers or warm that single cup of coffee or tea maybe even just to make your popcorn. There are economical small models that take up very little space and are perfect for a dorm room at college or even an R.V. where space is at a minimum. With a wide variety of cooking options and several different sizes so you can choose the one that best fits your needs the tried and true counter top model is able to match utility with a certain amount of portability and allow you to have just the right kitchen appliance for wherever you may need it.

Microhood model:

The over the stove microhood is specially designed to fit in the area over your stovetop or freestanding range. These types of microwave ovens are designed to save space that is normally used by a counter top model. With all the same useful features as a conventional countertop model the microhood model is able to do everything from reheat food to cook an entire dinner if needed. With multiple power settings and preset timing for certain often performed cooking tasks like making popcorn and defrosting frozen goods. This style is as useful as the countertop model and takes up no valuable space on the countertop in your kitchen. You can even get a microhhood model that is also combination microwave and convection oven which can take care of almost anything from defrosting to roasted with all the same flavor you expect from your full size regular oven.

Multi Purpose:

As mentioned before there are many models of microwave ovens that can serve as both a traditional microwave oven or as a convection oven. The advantages of this style is a dual role for the same appliance. This allows the microwave oven to also roast or bake meals for a home baked flavor that simply cooking by microwave alone can never match. The convenience of these types of ovens is such that you may not need to use your large conventional oven for anything but the largest of cooking jobs in the future. With the ability to not only reheat and speed cook by microwaves but also convection cook for the truly roasted flavor this unit will soon become a well used and well liked addition to your kitchen.

Whether you need one for quick cooking and reheating tasks or for more complex cooking jobs Kenmore microwave ovens have a model that will fit your particular need. With the name Kenmore behind them you can also be assured of the highest quality and durability built right in to which ever model you choose.


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