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Kenmore Washing Machine

If you go look right now the chances are good you already have a Kenmore Washing Machine. Kenmore is one of the most popular brands in home appliances and they got their start with the washing machine. With their years of experience producing this labor saving device Kenmore has proven to be of the highest quality and one of the best selling brands available.

Known for its rugged construction and reliability a Kenmore can be expect to give you years of worry free service. With their wide range of models and options you will be sure to find at least one that will fill your needs and meet your budget. With both front loading and top loading elite models there is a wide array of choices you have when purchasing a new washing machine.

The front loading type is a newer concept in home appliances. Long a mainstay in commercial machines you can now have this convenient type of washing machine in your own home. With its efficient use of water and electricity it is able to help keep the expenses of its use much lower than many other models. Several of the Kenmore Elite front loading models also have a steam washing setting for cleaner clothes and greater disinfecting power.

The top loading type is one of the oldest and most common models made today. This type has the advantage of years of use and design improvements so you are always able to be sure this machine will stand the test of time. From the 2.1 cu foot compact and portable machine to the 4.5 cu foot elite model with the LCD readout there is a top loading model that will be sure to meet your needs.

A high efficiency machine with the energy star rating is one of the best and most economical options available today. The energy savings from the Elite models can add up to hundreds of dollars saved each year and can eventually save enough money over time to pay for the cost of the new machine. You can find the Elite model in both the top loading and front loading design. With the number of models in the Elite line of high efficiency washing machines there really is no reason to choose a lower efficiency model and lose out on the energy savings.

The Elite is the most popular brand of Kenmore Washing Machines available today. If you are looking for a new appliance this is the model you really should consider. There are many different capacities and a wide price range to fit any budget and use with the added efficiency of the energy star rating you really can not go wrong purchasing a Kenmore.

If you are just looking or need to buy today, a Kenmore product will be a sound purchase and the Elite is the best option Kenmore offers. All you will need to decide is what color you want and have it delivered right away.


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