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Kenmore Coldspot

The Kenmore coldspot is a line of refrigerator sold by Sears. There are many different models of this line with differing prices and features depending on the exact model you end up buying.

This is an older line of refrigerators however this product line has a good history of reliability and cost effectiveness. This line of refrigerator is a side by side configuration and most have through the door ice and water dispensers along with a filtration system.

The primary selling point of the line of is its inexpensive price when compared to other refrigerators of the same basic size and functions. With it's energy star rating and affordable price it is a great option for those who are buying on a budget and these days who isn't buying on a budget?

They along with other Kenmore refrigerators tend to do well in the ratings. J.D. Powers rated the brand with 3 out of 5 stars for the 2011 model. does not give a separate rating by itself but does rate the entire line of side by side refrigerators with 3.99 out of 5 stars. The customer reviews from Sears official site also tend to give this style refrigerators 4 out of 5 stars.

While this line of refrigerators have many good qualities there does tend to be some problems inherent in the entire side by side class of refrigerators. These problems seem to effect all side by side models no matter who makes them. These problems include issues with the automatic ice system and a space issue in the freezer due to the size and placement of the automatic ice system. Almost any through the door water and ice systems seem to have the same reliability issues and this appears to be a problem with the entire class of side by side  refrigerators.

Aside from the through the door ice and water issues the Coldspot line of refrigerators has few other complaints and has a high degree of reliability as reported by owners on various other review sites. Most current owners agree they would recommend this brand to others who were shopping for a new refrigerator.

One thing is Sears has fazed out the Coldspot name and replaced it with just the Kenmore brand. The newer refrigerators all seem to be similar aside from the fact the Coldspot name is no longer being used as an advertising name. The entire line of Kenmore Refrigerators is a line that is known for its quality and reliability and the customer reviews on almost any website that has them primarily tell the same story.

As the name Coldspot has gone away the quality of Kenmore Refrigerators stays at its usually high review level and customer satisfaction seems to be consistently high as well. If you have a Kenmore Coldspot refrigerator there are still plenty of replacement parts and repair and user manuals listed at the sears and other sites to ensure your Kenmore refrigerator whatever the name will continue to operate and provide good service for years to come.


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